5 Star TestimonialTrail End Camp

Canadian Fishing Turnkey

Manitoba is full of remote fishing destinations that lead to some adventurous logistics. We have driven down a few roads less traveled. Rock chips and dust over long stretches of gravel roads that seemingly take forever just to navigate a simple hundred clicks. We have hauled boats down some pretty interesting roads in pursuit of that secret lake or river that seldom gets fished. Visions of incredible fishing driving us into the bush. Dreams of mosquitoes and extra gas jugs, unreliable lake maps and no hot shower. You can opt for the fly in camp angle or you can drive down minimally maintained roads until you run out of civilization.

To experience the Canadian fishing experience however, you can also follow blacktop highway to some incredible destinations and I have also learned over the years that you don’t necessarily have to travel to the end of the world. There is literally great fishing a short drive into Manitoba, particularly on the Winnipeg River System and the Whiteshell Provincial Park. We first explored the Whiteshell Chain with guide Matt Cornell during the winter in pursuit of big crappie. We found crappies as thick across the back as a man’s three fingers, many that measured over fourteen inches and that peaked my interest for this region. We have also spent time on the Winnipeg River out of Pine Falls to experience the fall run of big green back walleyes that move out of Lake Winnipeg to follow the shiner run. A legit big fish opportunity.

The Winnipeg River out of Trail End Camp is a diverse multi-species fishery with opportunities to target big pike and smallmouth bass.  Jason Mitchell shows off a pike caught by guide Vance Hrechkosy.This past summer, we spent more time on the Winnipeg River, headquartered out of Trail End Camp. Fishing with camp owner and guide Vance Hrechkosy, we targeted several species of fish. Of course we found a good number of walleye but also targeted big pike, smallmouth bass and even crappie. This picturesque river reminded me of some river systems I had fished in the past in Ontario. Very diverse structure with necked down current areas intermixed with wider sections of lake that felt more like a natural lake or reservoir. Classic structure fishing for walleyes with prototypical weed line locations for big pike. Obvious rock locations held smallmouth bass but you never knew what you would catch on any location.

Located a short two hours east of Winnipeg with great highway right to the door step, I felt like I discovered one of Manitoba’s better kept secrets. Vance along with his wife run a very clean and tidy camp with very well kept cabins. What made this camp so unique, perhaps even odd… there were a lot of anglers from Manitoba fishing out of this camp. Any resort, camp or lodge I had ever been to in Canada was filled with predominately American anglers. This camp stays busy with anglers from Winnipeg or Brandon. This is where the Canadians go for easy and good fishing close to home.

Anglers can find a large number of walleyes throughout the Winnipeg River System.  This river often feels like a natural lake or reservoir where the river widens and offers a multitude of classic structure to fish.Vance and the rest of his guides are equipped with large river boats for taking out large groups of anglers and they are pretty adept at knocking out a real quick shore lunch. Good contour maps and map chips exist however for this stretch of river so the opportunity exists for anglers pulling their own boats to do a serious amount of exploring. There is very little boat traffic and a tremendous amount of variety. The Winnipeg River as a whole holds a staggering number of fish throughout the summer and there is no shortage of locations to fish. When we fished this stretch of river in mid-July, we found walleye relating to the classic points and bars that stuck out over deep water with many fish coming from fifteen to twenty feet of water. We probed this structure with bottom bouncers and spinners and caught good numbers of fish with some legitimate big fish mixed in. We would break up the day by casting along weed lines and rock shorelines for smallmouth bass. There is truly big fish potential for every species on this river. What makes this type of fishery so much fun is that you just never run out of things to try when you explore the multi-species dimension.

Good clean fun where you can fish your heart out and come back to a clean, modern cabin at the end of the day. No broken boat trailer axels, no worrying about where the next gas station could possibly be. No cracked windshields or rock chips on the boat. This is the Manitoba fishing experience turnkey. Easy to drive to. Easy fishery to figure out and fish. Friendly hosts who run a tight camp. Short distance from town. Good roads and good fishing. Great locations for shore lunch which doesn’t take very long to catch. The older I get, the more I can appreciate such Canadian fishing trips made easy. This is the easy to reach, accessible Canadian fishing trip that is also very affordable.

By Jason Mitchell


5 Star TestimonialVance & Maureen

Good Day Trail End Camp Staff,

My girlfriend, our fathers and myself wanted to express how fantastic our weekend was staying at your camp on father's day weekend!

It wasn't as sunny as we would have liked it but hey, we aren't made of sugar and can have some fun in the rain too haha! You, your family and staff were very courteous, helpful, and let us know where to find and how to catch the right fish for our day on the boat. I believe we had caught close to 20 fish between the four of us, and I think I was the only one to catch a small mouth bass. BTW bass are my favourite fish to catch for the fight alone, which was thrown back obviously. My girlfriend's dad caught the biggest Jack-Fish (Pike / Northern), and my dad caught our only two Perch (his favourite to catch). Your camp was kept well, the cabins were well maintained, and the overall atmosphere was very relaxing. I also wanted to thank your (I believe he was your son) for teaching me how to properly fillet a fish. Reading books or watching youtube just isn't the same as having someone show you the do's and don'ts. With the weekend of memories put behind us and pictures saved to our computers, this is one weekend I will never forget!

Looking back at this weekend I would recommend your camp to anyone who loves the taste of the open lake, and the thrill of a great fishing experience!

Thanks again for the great weekend,
J. Day


5 Star TestimonialVance & Maureen

On behalf of my family I want to thank you both and your staff for a wonderful week.

Your hospitality and the environment you have established at Trail End Camp is world class and was a relaxing week of hunting and fishing for all my family. All three of my children expressed that this was one of the best vacations taken and they enjoyed the activities as well as the food and friendship. Natalie really enjoyed Jeff’s fishing guidance and has fallen in love with fishing. Spencer’s patience paid off on his bear hunting experience and after 3 days of waiting for the right bear, his took a 6 foot 3 inch bear. Not as big as Dad’s bear, as he was hoping, but still a very rewarding experience.

The weather was great for our week and the river was beautiful and even with the water still being very cold the fish were active and we had a blast catching fish. Spencer took the prize with 16 caught on his best day. I really enjoy the vacation and must say the 6 foot 9 inch bear that I shot surpassed my expectations and it will make a beautiful rug, which will remind me of the wonderful week we shared with you family and staff.

God Bless,
Roy Kirkwood


5 Star Testimonial

Vance & Maureen

Pardon some of the grammar, but below is a paper that Johnny did for school. As I have told you and Maureen several times, the experience that you give us, makes memories for a lifetime. Though it is your profession, and you both work so very hard at it, what you give your clients, now friends , are memories that cannot be taken away, and hopefully Johnny can share them someday, or at least come back again. As you read the paper, you can tell Johnny enjoyed himself and thought alot of you all and your camp.

Please read the essay Johnny did for school here!

Thanks Again
Grandpa John (2016)


5 Star Testimonial

Vance & Maureen

I am sending pictures of the 35-inch Northern Pike I caught on Tuesday while we were fishing with Jay. We had an incredible time, and Jay was an awesome guide and shore lunch cook.

Sharon (2016)


5 Star Testimonial

The Third Time’s a…

One of the reasons I enjoy hunting is for the adventure and travel. There may be no better way to go to new places and meet interesting people. Yet, I often find myself going to the same places since I have had such great experiences, and every time is different.

My first bear hunt was in 2009. There were eight hunters in camp that week at Trail End Camp in Pointe du Bois, Manitoba, Canada. For most of us, it was our first bear hunt. A cold front came through which was much stronger than expected and that slowed down bear movement considerably. None of us were completely prepared for the unexpected low temperatures and we all traded gear so everyone could get through. We saw a good number of bears and every one of us had opportunities to take a bear, with seven out of eight of us going home with one. We all also enjoyed the outstanding fishing that was available on the Winnipeg River.

My first bear that year was a sow on the smaller side, but I was more than thrilled. Anybody who thinks hunting bears from a stand over bait is boring has never taken the time to sit back with closed eyes and enjoy the quiet contemplative moments in the woods that are all too rare in modern life, or kept their eyes open to watch pine martins, beavers, squirrels, ruffed grouse and fishers run through the forest. I had a sow and three cubs come in one evening which still ranks as one of the most entertaining evenings of hunting I ever had, despite never taking the safety off.


Vance and Maureen Hrechkosy run a top notch operation in the Whiteshell Provincial Park. They employ guides who are true sportsman and love the outdoors. I returned in 2011 to again hunt bears. The economy was still struggling in 2011 and that was felt north of the border as there were only three of us in camp that week which made the hunt feel completely different than 2009.

I saw many bears in 2011 including a few brutes. I ended up taking a bigger bear than in 2011, but it was not even close to the biggest bear I saw. This wasn’t a case of ground shrinkage after the shot. When my 2011 bear came out, part of my brain knew it wasn’t the biggest bear in the woods, but some other part of my brain just assumed that should be when I should see a big bear.

Much like my first bear hunt two years previous, I was thrilled. The coat on this boar was deep black, thick and luxurious. I had a perfect spot picked out for the rug before returning home.


2014 brought me once again to the Manitoba wilderness. There were five of us hunting bears and two along for the fishing, including my friend Dennis, an avid fisherman. The hunting started out a little slow, but a few days in things changed quickly, as they can while hunting. The first bear came out early in the afternoon. I could tell it was a very good bear immediately, but held off since it was so early. I looked at the bear and thought back to my first bear in 2009. Like that bear, this bear had the tapered head and the uncanny ability to quietly walk, seemingly above the forest floor. No, this was a sow and was not the bear to take. After quite some time in front of me, she crouched down like a worried dog, looked in the direction she came from and bolted out of the area, running almost underneath me.

The second bear came in immediately after this. He walked boldly in after smelling the area. He was shorter than the first bear, but much more bulky. I thought back to my 2011 hunt and this bear had the same blocky head and confident demeanor. The part of my brain that told me to shoot in 2011 was overridden by another part, telling me it was early. This was not my bear either.

I had several hours to rethink my decision not to take that second bear as thunderstorms began to build. It got later and the sky grew darker, a foreboding that made me glad for waterproof hunting gear. A third bear entered the clearing. This was a different bruin. He towered over the first two I had seen. Even sitting there with a firearm, it felt somewhat intimidating being so close to such an immense bear. It felt like he was looking right through me, and didn’t seem as interested in the bait as the lingering scent of the first two bears.

The bear bolted at the shot and the skies unleashed a torrent of water as the thunderstorm passed over. With the rain having washed away any potential of a blood trail, I looked for my bear in the remaining daylight. After a few false starts and a warning in the form of a guttural woof-woof from another bear in the area, I found him only a short distance from the clearing. My shot had been about as good as possible under field conditions.

I looked at my third bear, his thick black hide and huge paws, and waited to meet my guides for the difficult task of getting the animal out of the rough Manitoba brush. I briefly thought that I had just proved the adage: The Third Time’s a Charm.

But this is wrong. My first bear hunt was my first bear hunt, meeting a great group of guys and I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.My second bear hunt allowed me to see many more bears and take a boar while experiencing some of the best fishing of my life. This third hunt had me again hunting with a great group of people, sharing the experiences and making new friends. And I had just taken a truly remarkable bear.

The third time may be a charm for some, but I’m three times charmed.



5 Star Testimonial


Thanks for a great couple days of fishing. Alex and I really enjoyed our stay.

The day you spent guiding with us was one of the best days of fishing we've had. Friday, we caught an additional 21 Northerns and a nice sized Walleye.

 We're going to plan on returning next August. We'd also like to travel to Churchill while we are there to see the Belugas and Polar Bears. If you would send me any contacts or information that have about Churchill, I would appreciate it.

Thanks Again!


5 Star Testimonial


Just thought I'd email you this picture of a pike my dad caught. Thanks again for yet another great year out at the camp. Memories that will last a life time.

Cheers. See you soon.

5 Star Testimonial

Dear Vance & Maureen,

I apologize for writing this so late after returning from your camp and establishment in May. (June21, 2015)

I must state my total appreciation and gratitude for your hospitality and professionalism and especially for assisting me due to my health situation.

You both should be very proud and satisfied with your operation as it is a class one and above facility with some great people assisting.

The hunting was very good, the shore lunches were excellent, the facilities were above and beyond normal from my experiences and the meals were excellent. One could not expect anything any finer.

I definitely will recommend your facility to anyone who is interested. If I get back to feeling normal, I would like to re-visit for another great experience.

Again, Thank You Very Much

Regards, Chuck
Sprague River, Oregon

5 Star Testimonial

Dear Vance & Maureen,

Thank you so much for a great week!

The boys and I had a great time and shared many memories. You have a great camp and a wonderful staff. The food and accommodations were excellent and the fishing was great. The bear stands were closer to the bait than I needed but certainly added to the excitement of the hunt.

I was serious about sharing our home and would be honored to have you stay with us. Just let me know when you will be in the area I will have the guest room ready for you. Keep in touch and I am sure we will see you again. Thanks again, Bill, Michael, and Trevor

Thanks again,
Bill, Michael, and Trevor

5 Star Testimonial

Hi Vance and Crew,

We had a wonderful time last week. The lodging was very good, the food was excellent thanks to your wife. The guides were very good and always wanting to help in way possible.

As a guy that has some physical problems I was somewhat fearful of coming on this bear hunt but once I got there I was pleasantly surprised. All the guides were so helpful. Tyler was also great to be around and always willing to do anything to make our stay enjoyable. The frosting on the cake was the excellent bear hunting. I got the bear of a lifetime and man, was I excited. All five other guys tagged out as well and were very impressed with your operation.

God willing we will be back for more bear hunting and fishing next year. Have a safe and enjoyable winter and stay in touch. In addition you have some great kids, Carter and Kaley..

Thanks again,
Garry Van R. / Iowa

5 Star TestimonialVance and Maureen,

Once again thank you for the excellent hunting and fishing trip again this year. You are great people and have a top notch operation. We feel lucky to be invited to come up and enjoy your place.

Thanks again,
Tom P.

5 Star TestimonialHi Vance:

Now that we're back home, reality sets in and I'm back at work. The time at Trail End Camp went fast. That's what happens when you have fun.

I just wanted to say thanks for doing everything you could to make our stay a great time. Of course you have great bear hunting and very good fishing, but that's not all there is to a great vacation. You and your staff were most accommodating in every way. Maureens' great cooking is the reason for me coming home a little heavier than when I left. Stan and George are two great guides and they surely made the hunting and fishing part great. Even your children, Carter and Kaley were very sociable and hospitable.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in every way and will certainly recommend you to our friends. And as I said, my wife and I might make Trail End a stop on a future driving vacation.

Please tell everyone how much we appreciate all they did!

5 Star TestimonialHey Vance:

Just wanted to let you know that everyone had one of best times we ever had.

My cousins said this was a world class adventure, one they will always remember and the way you looked after everyone. The shore lunch was great, the whole day was great, even though i didn't catch any fish, It made my day to see everyone having such a good time and being together with my son made it even more special.

It was great to see and talk to your mom and dad, they look fantastic as always.

We are planning for next year already, maybe a two or three day trip????? and more cousins. thanks again for giving us a day to remember, you my friend and Trail End Camp are truly #1.

.......thank you


Well I’m sitting here thinking about the wonderful time I had there.

Maureen the food was the greatest and thanks so much for looking after the cabin each day for us, I know you have a full plate each and every day. Vance is a lucky man, and with all that you still find time to be a good Mom.

It was fun to teach Carter the Crossbow, he’s a good kid. I felt like I was at a family function, instead of a hunting lodge, it was wonderful………

Vance thanks for all your knowledge, we had a fantastic fishing and hunting. The scenery was second to none, a lot of beauty and pride goes into your camp. You, George, Stan and Big Carter showed us a great time in whatever we did.

I highly recommend to anyone Trail End Camp, as there is no better place to go for Bear Hunting and Fishing.

I was at the camp September 2012 and had the best time of my life! Vance feel free to give my number out should anyone wish a further recommendation.

BILL (Grantville, PA)

5 Star TestimonialGood morning Maureen and Vance,

Just a note to say thank you to the both of you for your hospitality on my visit to Trail End Camp on Thursday last week.

My Dad, George Feschuk has been fishing at Pointe De Bois for the past 60 or 65 years....I have been with him since I was 5 years old so it has to be at least 63 years.!!!

He turned 100 in January, broke his hip for a second time in February and has been practicing walking ever since in the hope of getting to TEC at least once this year. He usually goes to bed at 6:30 - 7:30, but on the evening of our trip I finally had to chase him to bed after midnight...as he was working on his fishing rods and tackle box!!! He then woke at 4:30 to be ready for our 9:30 departure.

Maureen you were fantastic for you hospitality and help, getting the boat ready and Vances cousins to help Dad get down to the dock! The boat was exceptional, with its high sides and carpeted bottom and seats. He even managed to get out of the boat himself. Although we did not catch anything and did have a little rain our memory of that afternoon will last forever, and my Dad still is talking about getting out again! He was disappointed that Vance was not there or his parents, but is sure he will see them all on his next trip. .

Thank you both again,

Gerry Feschuk

5 Star TestimonialDear Maureen and Vance,

Thank you so much for hosting the "best ever" family reunion.

The Monday evening gathering of the clan in your beautiful lodge was awesome.

The Tuesday golf day - perfect weather and beautiful course was enjoyed by all, followed by the BBQ superbly cooked by Vance and entrees by Maureen - delicious

Wednesday morning fishing trip was a huge success by the comments I heard. The fish fry & potato fries scrumptious!

I thank you for all the thought and hard work you both put into our get together. A good time was had by all my family and I'm sure everyone else.

Thanks again,
Marilyn D.

5 Star TestimonialHi Vance,

Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks again for a great time in Manitoba. Between seeing the three cubs and taking my first bear it was all very exciting. And, between my bear meat and Ed's, I am rich with bear meat (I've already set aside some to share with some coworkers who really wanted to try it).

Say hi and thanks to everyone else! I'll be in touch later this year to set up another bear hunt. With a bit of luck, I may get my brother-in-law to come with me next time :)


5 Star TestimonialVance & Maureen & family:

I meant to respond much earlier .. to thank you guys for the great week of hunting and fishing.... (just been too busy I guess) Chris, Ray and I sure enjoyed our stay with you. I particularly loved the wonderful meals served by your staff at the lodge. Each and every meal was excellently prepared and the service was wonderful.

We absolutely enjoyed the fantastic day Saturday heading up north to fish northerns... and I still can taste the great shore lunch you cooked up for us Vance!! Again thanks to all of you... the girls in the kitchen, Kevin and Paul... (and the official 'stand-in-grandson> Carter, who came up to me and hugged me on bringing my bear in), Maureen (my wife loved her red 'bear' jacket) and the Northern lights were fantastic also, and Vance : "... thanks for the expertise provided to make our camp so meaningful.

Thanks Again ...
Don L.
Mpls, MN

5 Star TestimonialHi Vance,

Just a little note to say hi and to let you know how much I enjoyed the hunt,the accommodations,and the company of your beautiful family. I just can't say enough how much I am looking forward to next years hunt. Hope this mail finds you and your family well and happy. Have a great Holiday Season!!

Tim O.

5 Star TestimonialVance and Maureen,

Just a note to thank you very much for the great food, great hospitality, and great hunt you both provided last week. I really enjoyed myself. Please also thank George, Derrick, Leanne, and Yolanda for their assistance. You have a truly good staff working with you. I will certainly pass on the information regarding your outfitting and professionalism.

Thank you again. Good hunting.
E. J.


5 Star TestimonialWe all had a goose hunt of a life time.

None of us have ever had an opportunity to be on a hunt as you provided. We have all shot geese, but never in the quantity or quality in which you had provided. We will all be back up real soon.


You run a first class operation with a great staff and pay attention to the details that make sure your hunts are the best possible. Maureen was a saint with her home cooking and 150% positive attitude. You both made us feel like family and very welcomed.

Thank you. I'd love to come up for a spring bear hunt with my oldest in the next few years. (Maybe a graduation gift from college?)


Minnetonka, MN


5 Star TestimonialDear Trail End Camp & Outfitters,

Just wanted to send to you many thanks on an awesome week of hunting and fishing. This was my first bear hunt and how exciting it was. Vance, Maureen, Mickey, Mark, Stan, Ron, all of you were great and exceeded my expectations on your hospitality and making sure our week was memorable. Your accommodations are the nicest I have stayed in while on a hunt, and hats off to the cooks, both in the kitchen and with the shore lunches. The numbers and quality of bears was outstanding. Words can’t describe that initial sighting of the first bear that came into the baits.


To all of the guides your genuine interest in making sure our hunt was successful and all of your help in setting up the baits, recovering the bears, and preparing our bears to bring home is also greatly appreciated. The fishing was an added bonus that will leave many fond memories as well.


I have already talked to several of my hunting buddies and shared both stories and pictures and I am sure I will return with new guests so that they too can experience such a great trip. I will not hesitate to recommend your camp to anyone who wishes to have a wonderful hunting and fishing adventure.


Thanks again, and will see you in the future.

Sincerely, Rod

Omaha, Nebraska