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Hot Bites Manitoba
"A Family Friendly Destination"
by Eric Labaupa
Jason Mitchell (Jason Mitchell Outdoors.com)
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Destinations Manitoba - Spotlight On Trail End Camp

Trail End Camp Now Includes Two Great Destinations

Trail End Camp Kendall Pointe Lodge

Trail End Camp

"Nestled on a small bay at the start of the Winnipeg River at Pointe du Bois, just 1.5 hours from Winnipeg, MB, Trail End Camp is a favorite destination of anglers in the know."  Brad Dokken, Grand Forks Herald Writer

Kendall Pointe Lodge

Kendall Pointe Lodge is the newest addition to the Trail End Family. To access Kendall Pointe you enjoy a 14 mile scenic boat trip up the Winnipeg River. A truly beautiful semi-private setting.

If your are a seasoned sports enthusiast novice explorer or just want to escape to a serene hideaway for a few days, You need to go no further than Trail End Camp.


Trail End Camp and Outfitters


Remote drive-in Four seasons sportsman's resort located at the North end of the Whiteshell Provincial Park in Pointe du Bois, Manitoba Canada on the beautiful Winnipeg River.


Cabins and Accommodations: Full service cabins with lake front views and private docks.


The Fishing: The Winnipeg River offers superb fishing for Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, Sturgeon and Smallmouth Bass. Checkout the links in the box on the right for Manitoba's Guides and Awards available for local and visiting anglers.

The bottom link Winnipeg River Records will give you an idea of the size of fish that may be lurking in the waters during your Trail End Camp visit.


Ice Fishing: We offer great Ice fishing packages that are truly unforgettable.

View the Ice Fishing gallery to see the size of these Northern Pike.

Fishing Manitoba

2018 Manitoba Fishing Guide

Master Angler Program

Li'l Angler program

Available Awards

Winnipeg River Records

Combined Packages: Trail End Camp works with your and can assist you in choosing a great hunting / fishing combination package. Contact us for more information.

Hunting Packages: Great Black Bear, Whitetail Deer and Waterfowl packages await you. Check out our albums for some of the many who boast their success. Contact us about Bow Hunting packages.

Guides and Charters: Trail End Camp is a full service destination that offers only the experienced Guides and Charter personnel.


Notice Boat Rentals: Boater's Operator Card not required for boat rentals





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